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May 26 May 2017

                             Well the locals are out in force, Tongariro is hot as, this morning i watch at least 7 fish landed in about 20 minutes, So the Tongariro is ready to rock , so dust off your rods and head for paradise , also the fish are around the 4 lb mark .

Tight Line John O & Blonde 


April 18th 2017

                           Well its time to head to paradise weather wonderful, river very fishable and i'm sure you will get some nice fresh running fish. as the weather is remaining fine for the next 8 days and it's not before time . Paradise is back to normal , The big Browns are present and hopfully you will land a few . 

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April 13th 2017

                         Well anglers the easter weeks is not looking good in paradise, Tongariro up again , The last 2 days i fished the upper reachers , thinking there may have been a few fresh fish about, but no there was not any freshies about , why, i'm not sure. we did managed to land 4 , but they were not fresh . so now all we can do is wait and see what happens in the weeks to come. Happy Easter and tight lines when you finally get a line in the water.

Tight Lines John O & Blonde  

April 11th 2017 

                         Finally the Tongariro river is nearly back to normal flow, But for how long ? as heavy rain is forcast over the next few days ,  the rivers flowing into Lake taupo, should all fish well ,as this flush would have moved fish into the rivers, lake O is the highest i have ever seen it , no flow in or out , as easter is only 3 days away i'm hoping the rain coming doesn't lift the river and spoil the long weekends fishing .

Tight Lines John & Blonde 

April 4th 2017 

                         Well you all out there are thinking i'm not fishing anymore but you are sure wrong about that. The fishing has picked up a lot over the past week or so . Tongariro specially, large browns  are present mainly in the upper reachers of the Tongariro , Lake O is producing good fish as well, but as you all no the weather in Parradise has been very wet  over the summer months, new changers are coming up this year for the Taupo fishery , Bag limit up to 6 from 3 not before time , at least that will stop the small fish going to spawn. also the size limit will be reduced . Good reports of the western Bays river mouths are fishing well also .

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Febuary 6th 2017

                               Now anglers the holidays are over for a while it's time to head for paradise, as the Cicada's are chirping loud , heaps of them all along the Tongariro River. Lake O has been a little hard only because of the Bloody wind i'm sick of it , and it's never ever been like it. The dry fly fishing has been good , A golfing friend of mine landed a 9 lb brown one evening . the back country is also producing some great fish . also has lake taupo , so i'm expecting some good fishing in the river as the 2017 season unfolds . and if your looking at a great fishing adventure , feel free to ring or email me to discuss  options .

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January 29th 2017

                               Today saw 4 mates hit the big O , and boy the laughs were on . Bob was in the trees behind him more than his line was in the water , but i must say he finally hooked and landed his first Rainbow of 6 lbs a very happy Bob , as soon as the photo was taken , Bob sent the photo to his grandson Max , Max will be on this site as soon as he returns for another holiday . Anglers the Cicada's are starting to chirp so if the hot weather remains , i'm picking some great fishing ahead , also the Big Browns have arrived all along the Tongariro .

John O & Blonde 


December 20th 2016

                                  It was such a nice morning in Paradise so Bill and i decided to head for Lake O, The green Beetle are still all over the lake , I managed to land the 8lb rainbow shown below, as it was a mates Birthday i thought Danny Siddells would like it for tea tonight , so if you like trout and you are a good friend of Danny's , it might be a good idea to grab a box and head for Danny's . Merry Christmas to you all also a happy new year 

John O & Blonde 


December 18th 2016

                                    Florian Eschenback from Germany took up the christmas special and managed to land the 9 lb brown in the photo below. anglers now the weather has changed. about time , the browns are crusing the edgers of Lake O , the dry fly on the Tongariro river is also great in the evening. So who's the next angler to take the $450 Christmas special is it you reading this report , come on lets go fishing .

Merry Christmas John O & Blonde 


December 8th 2016 

                                    Merry Christmas and a very Happy Newyear , now its time you thought of your Christmas, new year fly fishing Adventure , The Tongariro is still producing good numbers of fish , but a little on the small size, Dry fly fishing in the evening is great as well. Now we are into December , the Brownies will being to move into the lower reachers on the Tongariro . So if your looking for a great adventure give me call , for the Christmas and New year break I will do a special for a days Guiding for $450 Plus your fishing Licence Fishing the edgers of Lake O, and a chance at landing a trout like the one below. So think hard


Tight Lines John O  &  Blonde 


November 22rd 2016.

                                      Finally the sun and heat has arrived in paradise , so Bill and I headed for our spot over the big O. and boy it was nice to see the trout feeding , on the surface, we managed to land 3 nice fish . but we had to be back by midday , as a good friend of mine is arriving to go fishing and play golf with us both. I must say can anyone get my mate to smile when in front of a camera . please advise  me how.Anglers the Damsel Flies are  starting to hatch, i also noticed a few green beatle on the surface. So if your keen at landing some nice size fish , drop the team a line . and we will do oure best , to get you into some good fish.

Tight Lines John O & Blonde  



November 15th 2016

                                     Over  the past few days i have been out and about chasing large brown around Lake O, mind you we have lost a few as well , one broke the end out of my fly line , but thats fishing , The Tongariro river is fishing very well indeed, with silver Bullets going to spawn, around 5 years ago we had the same late fish going to spawn this time of the year , so anglers the fishing is very good at present. I also know the upper reachers of the Tongariro are fishing very well.

So if you are looking for a great fly fishing adventure give either myself or Peter a call . 

Regards John O & Blonde
October 18th 2016
                                 Finally our weather pattern has improved , Lake O has warmed up and a few insects are starting to hatch . Today Bill didn't manage a fish after landing the 12.5 rainbow , it was my turn a nice 7.5 lb Brown in around 2 feet of water , over the coming weeks ahead all of the Back Country fishing will be great . So it time you starting thinking about a great fishing adventure 
October 1st 2016
                                  The Raised hackle Team today produced some great fish , The upper Whanganui produced 10 good fish with Ben & Ian , but the High Lite was Bill Wells Landed his biggest Rainbow ever 12.5 lbs , as you can see in the photo below . Tommorrow is another day we are all looking forward to as well.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
 September 29th 2016
                                      Well it's only 2 days to go to the opening of the New Zealand Back Country , Ian and Ben have arrived , But Ian wife is already into the Queen Fish in the Kimberleys Northern Australia . But look out in a few days Ian and Ben are out to catch her 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
September 2nd 2016
                                   The count down is now on, 28 day's to go to land some nice trout , not the small things the are running the Tongariro. the worst winter runs i have ever seen. I'm sure i will be fighting trout like the Brown below that James landed a few years ago , also this year i hoping some of my clients will again land some trophy Rainbows from the edgers of Lake O. The first week will be spent in the back Country specially opening day where Ian and Ben will be fishing the upper reachers of the Whanganui River , what  a day that will be , so stay tuned  as i will be posting reports here and on face book on the coming season ahead.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
June 23rd 2016
                           I thinking you all are waiting for a report from us on the Fly Fishing in Paradise. Well today i can say there are nice fresh fish running the Tongariro also other rivers are producing . I'm very suprised that the Trout have taken so long to run to the spawning grounds, as last year they started on the 1st of April . But from now on i'm expecting good runs to move to the spawning grounds . so anglers it's time to dust of the rods and head to Paradise .See you out on the river , as now the trout are running ,i will be out most days from now on. The Fish below were landed 2 hours ago.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
May 2nd 2016
                         As all you anglers out there do no Paradise weather is warm, and as yet we still have not had any good frosts  , fishing in and around Paradise is still a little slow as we need rain for at least a week . River mouth fishing is on the up and the Back Country river are fishing very well. Yesterday i took to keep Newplymouth anglers out to Lake O, as they wanted to learn how to hook and land large Trout. Stephen Kyle & John Hardie-Boys just did that. On there way home to NewPlymouth i told them to have a fish in a stream , which they also hooked 4 nice fish as well . 
Tight Line John O & Blonde 
March 31st 2016
                            Yesterday Richard Knudson & Dick Snow enjoyed Fly fishing Lake O from the edgers, it was a very quite day up there , but Dick managed to land this wonderfull condition Rainbow which weighed just under 11 pounds .
Tight Lines John & Blonde 
March 28th 2016
                              It's been holidays for me over the passed month , but i have been fishing a lot, yesterday Doc enjoyed some great fishing in the Back Country hooking 10 and landing 7 , as you can see below Browns were on the menue, mind you Doc loss 2 bigger than the ones shown below . Fishing around lake Taupo has been good in Placers , specially the Waitahanui River mouth a 10 Lb rainbow was landed there a few days ago , I have been back to the Whareroa River mouth with good success also , Lake O has been a little quite a lot of little fish, good for the fishery . We badly need a good flush in all rivers in the central north island to get our spawning season underway .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
February 21st 2016
                                Yesterday Jeni & John from the USA , will never forget  there day fishing the edgers of Lake O. They hooked 8 fish in Total landing only 1 each, but as you can see Jeni one was a Trophy weighting in at 11 Lbs , and there comments  were they will be back .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
February 18th 2016
                                 Today as you can see the Tongariro River is very unfishable , i'm not sure about the other rivers running into lake Taupo. Also as we have had a first heavy rain fall it may finish off the Cicada Hatch. But the good thing we may finally get a fresh run of fish entre the Tongariro River, specially the Brown's that are long over due. 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
February 2016
                        Over the last week i have enjoy fishing with Josep, & Louis from France ne ver laught so much in my life of guiding , They fished the Mohaka, Wanganui, Lower and wilderness streams as well.The Cacida's are working hard and  the fish are rising to them. Lake O is also fishing very well indeed. But i would liike to see the rain to give all rivers a good fresh. Happy new year to you all 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
January 27th 2016
                               Well i'm back again , we have been fishing all around the place fishing, Today we finally got some rain which has coloured up the Tongariro a bit,and has cooled us down , about time we did need some rain badly. Good news Lake O is producing some great fish , we have landed fish up to the 11lb mark and lost a lot over 11lb. The other good news is, the Cicada's are really chirping just like they did back in 2002 . I'm hoping we don't get to much cool weather as the Cicada dry Fly fishing will be great and i mean great. Bill and i went out Monday fishing with Cicada's and managed to land the one below, also 3 other Rainbows but they were recovery fish , but still great fun.
Tight Line John O & Blonde 
January 4th 2016
                                Rachel & Wendy were going to walk the Tongariro Crossing yesterday but decided to try fly fishing instead, and they sure enjoyed it , out of 6 fish hooked they only managed to land one. as the trout in the Big O were to large for them to handle, I will add these lady had never had a fly rod in there hands before . and over the past week i have also lost some very large fish  well over the 10lb mark. Its time for you all to think about a great fly fishing adventure as Rachel & Wendy have just had. Happy New- year to you all 
John O & Blonde 
December 28th 2015
                                  Now Christmas is over! it was time to get into the fishing , it's also nice that the wind has left us and i hope it stays away, This morning My old mate and I headed for the Big O and as you can see i landed a great Rainbow 10.75 Lbs in great condition , yesterday Bill landed on 7.75 Lbs , so Anglers it time for a great fly fishing adventure 
December 10th 2015
                                    Over the past few days i have taken two good friends Fly fishing and the photo's tell all. Howard and Aaron both landed good quality Rainbows.The Tongariro River has  slowed down a little , but the dry fly fishing in the evening is great. Lake Otamganakau yesterday produced some great fishing , as trout were on the Green Beetle . The lake was alive with Green Beetle and of cause the trout were rising to them all over the lake .The Back Country fishing is all go as well , Now Christmas is nearly here , I like to wish all a marry christmas and a very happy newyear.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
November 23rd  2015
                                       What a day of fun it was with these two, Robert and Michele had a wonderful time fishing the Famous Tongario River , Robert was the first to land this first of 6 , but Michele hung in to land 3 for the day , It was a pleasure to take these two Fly Fishing , Michele just a little lady but was so keen to catch fish never gave up .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
Robert__-_Today_.jpgNovember 20th 2015
                                   Over  the past few day i have been teaching Paul Walters to cast a fly rod , in which he learnt very quickly. This morning it was time to introduce him to the famous Tongariro River, Paul could not wait within minutes he was into his first ever Rainbow Trout ! as the morning went on Paul managed to hook and lose 6, but did manage to land 3 , a very excited Paul .,The next adventure will be for him, to tackle the big fat tailed Lake Otamangakau rainbows .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
November 17th 2015
                                       Over the past week it was a pleasure to take Robert Lynch from the US fly fishing, Robert could not handle the large trout he hooked in Lake Otamangakau , but sure did in the Back country and before leaving this morning landed 5 nice Rainbows in 2 hours ,It was nice to see, as this Guy wanted to learn and learn he did, even learnt how to roll cast .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
October 26th 2015
                                 The Tassy Devil was in form today , strike after strike . Ian managed to land some quality rainbow around the edgers of Lake Otamangakau today and even decided bring a few back to smoke. Anglers finally the weather has changed for the better and the trout are liking it as well. Yesterday a fresh run of fish moved into the Tongariro as well. So it time you were thinging about a good fly fishing adventure . 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
October 15th 2015
                                Yesterday it was a delight to go fishing around the edgers of Lake Otamangakau , the wind was slight giving a nice drift on the indicator and when the sun was out , the fish came on the bite, Today would be better day but for me no fishing . The Tongariro River is still producing some nice fresh Rainbows, also spawned fish are on the feed returning to the Lake. As the weather heats up i'm expecting some good Dry Fly Fishing in the evening . So if your looking for a fly fishing adventure give me a call or drop me a email to discuss some options .
Tight Linea John O & Blonde 
October 1st Open day to the Back Country
                                                                           I spent the day at Lake Otamangakau with my old mate Bill , it was a little cold but we managed to land 4 for the day, when the sun hit the water we got the strikes. I ran into Brent Baker walking back from the Hydro Pool and over the 4 days he has fished the town pools he stated, he has had great fishing.Friends of mine from Queensland sent me a photo of Darcy Walters admiring a great table of salt water Fish they landed yesterday . 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
September 25th 2015
                                        Brisbane father & son go fly fishing for the first time. John Harrison and Benjamin enjoyed there first time fly fishing the famous Tongariro River . John managed to hook 4 and landed 2 , not bad for his first time with a flyrod in his hand, but Benjamin wasn't so lucky , only hooked one . but all was not lost' they are thinking of returning in Febuary 2016 . Anglers it's now only 6 days till the back country opens, and if you are looking for a great fly fishing adventure , it's time you thought hard about giving me a ring or drop me an email to discuss some options .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
14th September 2015
                                       It's now or never, 16 days to go, and we will be into another season of New Zealand's Back country fly fishing , The Three Stooger's from Ballarat Australia are busy having meeting, planning there return for the 2015-2016 season . and they can't wait. Finally our weather pattern has changed for the better and i'm picking the new season will be very good indeed . Yesterday i was standing on the Major Jones foot bridge ( Tongariro River ) watching around 12 trout spawning just up from the bridge . I also took a drive over to Lake Otangamakau and noticed a few trout rising, which is a little early for this to be , but that alone is telling me we are going to have a good opening to the new season. Anglers if you are planning on a fly fishing adventure give me a ring and we can discuss some great options, that will have you talking about for years to come , this all started 15 years ago with the three Stoogers below and they still talk about there adventures to Paradise . So come on give me a ring ,and lets go fishing . 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
  September 3rd 2015
                               The count down is on as to the opening of the back country, can't wait . 27 day's to go . The Tongariro this morning is up a little but is very fishable' and on looking around i only saw 4 anglers on the river.Charles Cumming from AU  last week enjoyed his first fly fishing adventure , Charles hook 7 fish and landed 6 of them, on speaking about the summer fly fishing to him he's now planning to return in Febuary to fish the big O , and also fish other back country rivers. The fishing in paradise during the winter has been the best since 2005 , and i'm sure it will continue , if only we could have a few fine days to enjoy it ,rather than getting wet very time you go out. 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
Charles Cummings Queensland, Australia enjoying his first fly fishing adventure 
August 26th 2015
                               Finally the rain has stopped for a few day , I have just been for a drive and the Tongariro River is looking great , The Tauranga- Taupo is up with a little color as is the Waimarino . Looking forward the fishing should continue to be very good , I'm picking all the way to Christmas. It's only 35 days to go and all the back country River, as well as Lake Otamangakau will re open again.
If your looking for a great fly fishing adventure it may pay you to start planning it in the next few weeks . I can give you an Adventure you will never forget , Fly Fishing the edgers of Lake Otamangakau for trophy trout, last year 4 of my clients landed 10lb trout and a lot of trout ranging from 5 lbs upwards . So drop me an Email and we can discuss some great options.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
August 11th 2015
                                  Fresh trout running the rivers flowing into lake taupo in big numbers, the guy's in the photo landed 10 while i was sitting out of the cold watching, I must say very happy anglers. I to was out with my old mate yesterday and it didn't matter where we casted we hooked and landed good fish , we were going to start att the Red Hut Pool but a Monday, the car park was full, no room to park the truck. It maybe be bloody cold in Paradise Snow all round us , but it's not bothering the Trout, let then keep coming .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
August 4th 2015
                             Fresh run rainbows still running all rivers flowing into lake Taupo ,it's great to see good condition trout again. Yesterday i happened to take a drive down to the ford on the Waiotaka, i couldn't believe my eyes cars every where, it was a great spot years ago . So in my eye's the Tongariro has returned to normal , The to Rainbows below i landed at Boulder Reach yesterday.
Angler it's only 57 days to  go and the Back Country and of cause Lake Otamangakau will reopen , So if you are looking for a great Fly Fishing Adventure, give me a call, or drop me an email to discuss some options 
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
July 21st 2015
                        The fishing in Paradise is still number one, as you can see the main highway bridge pool is the most popular pool on the Tongariro River, and boy has it produced large numbers of fish over the past few weeks. I have been there myself. I have also fished a lot of the pool above the main road bridge and they are producing good fish as well . Today finally the wind has dropped ,so it's a little more pleasant out there. The Tauranga- Taupo is also loaded with fish , I believe the Hinemaiaia River after the flood has heaps of snags , so make sure your fly box in full before you head on that venture.
How long are the fresh fish going to still run to the spawning grounds, I'm believing they maybe going to run all year, we all hope so.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
July 9th 2015
                        Anglers it not easy to get to Paradise today, it's trying hard to Snow in Turangi right now, all roads south are closed as to the heavy snow falls last night.If you are keen on sking you can't even get to the ski fields, to do so.But if you don't mind the cold wind the Tongariro and all river flowing into Lake Taupo are producing good condition Rainbows like the one below.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
July 1st 2015
                        You are all wondering why know fishing report. I just havn't had the time to, as the fishing in paradise is wonderful . Yesterday afternoon i spent 1 hour in the Bridge Pool and landed 6 Silver Bullets , it's so good to go out on the Tongariro again knowing you are going to hook into nice fish again. Below is a family of 3 from Roma Queensland never fished before, i had to do some casting for them ,but they managed to land one of 4 Hooked . Now you are thinking why i put the eel on the web site. it's a trout from Durango USA. Mrs Olin her husband sent it over quoting " John I have to get one in November to beat my wife please " it must be more than 27 inchers . Larry don't worry mate I'm sure you will. It's also nice to be able to call Turangi  the Trout Capital of the World , as is the Famous Tongariro River.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
June 15th 2015
                            For the first time in many years , i havn't fished the Tongariro . My old mate and i set out around 8 this morning , and fished the pools above the Red Hut Bridge and boy the Tongariro River is back to normal . We managed to land 11 Fresh Rainbow , as shown below . We fished 5 runs and Pools and landed Fish in all the places fished , what a great day had. tomorrow we will be at it again. Yesterday i spoke to an anglers which landed two10lb Browns and believe me i sore the Photo's on his Camera great fish .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
June 10th Update.
                              This afternoon was a gas, the main road bridge pool  is still fishing well , But the boy's said bugger the snag, and on went the wet suit , John was in like a flash and out diving and finally cut loose the Fly catcher , now they will be able to sell all the fly's back to you boy's that have lost them , dozens were retrived . now they are back fishing
June 10th 2015
                           This morning the trap was in, under the main road bridge , The locals also the Taranaki Boy's baged there limits of fesh run rainbows very quick , yesterday sore a good number of Browns landed as well . So Anglers the time is right to head to Paradise for a Fly fishing adventure .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
June 4th 2015
                          The Tongariro River is Flowing over 100 (m3/sec) and is unfishable , maybe fishing the edgers with the wet line using a black woolly bugger may be worth ago.The rain has eased off and the forecast is good for the weekend , but we still need the flow to return to normall .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
3rd June 2015
                        Last night i thought Paradise was a War, thunder, lighting , unreal. Over the last 24 hours. the heavy rain we have had has not affected the flow much, the Tongariro is only flowing at 49 (m3/sec) , it's has a little color , but is fishable with the wet line. This cold snap should bring the trout up to the spawning grounds, and over the next weeks, good fishing should be ago in all the rivers flowing into lake Taupo.
Tight Line John O & Blonde 
1st June 2015
                       Locals get on the river after all holiday makers head for home, a very nice limit of very fresh run trout. So all is looking great for the weeks ahead.
May 31st 2015
                          Well today is the last day to fish Lake Otamangakau , Last week i caught up with Mick Smith fishing the Lake for the first time , mind you it was his first time fly fishing the Taupo fishery , well done Mike.taking a look around each morning over the queen's birthday weekend , I have noticed anglers landing fish in the Tongariro River  and mind you not just under the main road bridge , and now the landing strip is becoming the hot spot. All is looking good for the winter fishing in paradise as to the Tongariro River Deltra is producing good size trout of 5lbs , best i believe since 2005. Sorry for no reports over the last few weeks , had a few internet problems , but alls back to normal .
Tight Line John O, & Blonde 
May 6th 2015 
                        The 10lb Trout are still around the third in 4 weeks . Ian Cameron a very good friend from Tassie, landed his first 10lb Rainbow Jack, his largest trout ever, Ian is now 81 years old and has been coming over for 3 years now , the first year he managed to land one 7lbs,the next year 8 lbs , but now has finally got his dream one of 10lbs. I must add not bad for a Guy that broke a rib in his chest 2 weeks ago .
April 28th 2015
                           Over the past 24 hours heavy rain has fallen in pardise, the Tongariro river is up and dirty and it's been the best flush we have had this season, " and i;m expecting it to fish very well over the next week .
April 25th 2015
                            The  back country fishing over the past few days has been top grade , Howard managed to land 18  nice trout , the weather was wonderful and so was the fishing. Lake Otamangakau is also fishing very well indeed. The locals are starting to fish under the main road bridge so  that speeks for it self. You will also notice in the photo below anglers are fishing the mouth of the Waimarino river and it's fishing well. Anglers if you want a great days fishing ,get intouch with me and we will plan your adventure.
Tight lines John O & Blonde 
April 7th 2015
                         Today it was Chris Commons turn to land some of our fat tail Rainbows from the edgers of Lake Otamangakau , until today Chris had only landed trout up to 4 lbs . It was his first trip to the North Island of NZ and after today he is planning on returning to chase some of our back country trout in the near futher. Chris lives in Melbourne Australia 
April 5th 2015
                         What do i say about yesterday, It was a day these three mates will talk about for a life time , not only did they enjoy there first attemped at fly fishing , they all had turns landing the 8lb rainbow below. Casting was a problem , but i no now how to fix it from now on. Out came the stubbies and the boys finished the day off with a casting comp . and what fun it was . Craig came out on top , with his brother not far behind , and Gilli , well what can i say ! Was at the rear only as the others to were giving him heaps  on what he should be doing. I will never forget this day and look forward to then returning .
April 1st 2015
                          Over the past week i have been fighting large rainbows in the shallows of Lake Otamangakau , as it was April fools day this 10.7 lb rainbow didn't make a fool of me , easter is on it's way and anglers good browns are in the Tongariro river , also the River mouths are very fishable . So happy easter from John O and Sky.and if you are looking for a trophy for the office it's about time you contacted me , and lets go fishing .
March 23rd 2015
                              Anglers paradise really needs rain, over the past week i have been out and about with great success. The  back coutry rivers are fishing very well indeed even with the low flows, Lake Otamangakau is at it lowest and fishing extremly good. The photo below is of a 9 pounder in great condition . Chris from the Judge's pool motel landed a 13.5 lb Brown in the lower reachers of the Tongariro  as well . Sky and I just returned from our morning walk and meet Barry Greg , and he commented on the great condition of the Trout at the Delta. So all is looking great for the winter months ahead .
Tight Lines John & Blonde
March 3rd 2015
                              Today was a special day for these two Guys, as they were aloud a day off to chase some of Lake Otamangakau Trout, which they sure did 9 in all, not having a lot of experience with the size of our fat tailed rainbows they lost all the bigger fish.
They are back in Taupo now and back to looking After Aaron wife Meredith Keesler, 3 time winner of the womens Triathlon. Hopfully she will win it again and make it 4 in ,4 year, Go Meredith.
The guys will be trying over the next few days, to build up some brownie points , as they want another morning at the bigger fish and after todays practice ,i'm sure they will land a few.
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
Febuary 23rd 2015
                                  Over the past few days i have been out and about , Lake Otamangakau is very low and the trout sure know where the snags are , but we are starting, and learning with way to move on hooking up. We sure need some rain to get the Tongariro going.
The back country river are also pruducing good trout on the dry fly which is great fun . Today i'm going to check out the river mouths flowing into lake Taupo , as it maybe a go if the lake is low enough . So stay tuned for more reports on that. Reason for slow reports we have had problems with computer ( Spark Problems so hopfully we are back to normall.)
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
Febuary 20th 2015
                              Doc was on the Ball at Lake Otamangakau today landed 7 out of 8 . Lake O is fishing great , the Tongariro is very clear but we did managed to land 4 on the dry fly  last night . Tonight we will be at it again .
Don't forget if your looking for a great fly fishing adventure give me a call , at present the weather is great as is the fishing .

January 21st 2015
                                   Well to day i was out and about with good success the Rainbow in the top photo was in great condition so it's now being prepared for the smoker . I went for a long walk along the Tongariro River and saw heaps of fish , mind you not small either , but the tongariro is so clear at present they are spook very easerly . The dry Fly fishing is very good but don't go home before dark as it happens in the last minutes of light , and boy the pools come alive. The Cicada's are chirping but if they really get going the fly fishing will be great.I hope you all had a very merry christmas and are having a great start to 2015 . Don't forget if your looking for a great fly fiishing adventure , be sure to contact me .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
January 7th 2015
                             Now that Christmas passed & the New- year has arrived  it's time to go fishing again, the weather in Paradise has finally settled, light winds and hot. The Tongariro dry fly fishing has been great last light at night, but the only thing againts us at present is the full noon but when it closers it eye again the action will be on , Lake Taupo is producing some great condition Rainbows best i have seen in many years , so it's looking great for the season ahead. while fishing Lake Otamangakau the other day i saw the biggest eel i have ever seen , it was as long as the fly rod and at least 6 inchers round. I new they were in the lake. Yesterday playing golf i heard the first sign of the Cicada's , and boy if that happens Paradise will come alive. Happy New Year to you all and Tight Lines for the coming months ahead.
John O & Blonde 
December 19th 2014.
                                    It's Christmas time again and i would like to wish all our followers a very merry christmas and a very happy newyear. I have been out about in the back Country , plus of course the Big O. since my last report my mate and I have landered around 42 fish from Lake Otamangakau biggest being 8 lbs ,and a lot around the 6 lbs. So Anglers if your looking for a great fly fishing adventure while you are on holidays , be sure to contact me by email or by phone .
Tight Lines John O & Blonde 
December 3rd 2014
                                   The summer has arrived, yesterday saw smiles all over this Doctor face from Auckland , Howard really got into some quality Rainbows in a wilderness Back Country Stream . Lake Otamangakau is producing good number of great fish as well, The Dansel's are starting to hatch around the edgers of the Lake . My old mate Bill had 4 casts and hooked up every time , but only managed to land 3, but thats fishing. The Tongariro evening rise is also very good but you need a warm still night to really get them up. so anglers it time to think about a great fly fishing adventure one you willl never forget , Just email me to discuss some options .
Tight Lines John O
November 25th 2014
                                    It's been a long wait for the warmer weather to arrive , Lake Otamangakau has warmed up as well . Today Bill and myself were out there this morning with great success. managed to land 7 very nice Rainbows . But as always the Big fish was on for 10 minutes , nearly to the nett , and then away , this trout was well into double figures , leaped all over the lake . So you anglers the Big O has starting producing good fish, So now it's time to join me in  a great fly fishing adventure. The Tongariro Dry Fly Fishing in the evening is also great Mayyflies hatching all through the day . Tight Lines John O
November 13th 2014
                                   Still cold around Paradise as you can see the Mountains are full of fresh snow, I was out this morning around the edgers of Lake Otamangakau , Landed 3 nice condition fish , but boy it was cold. Yesterday was the coldest day i have ever seen in Paradise since i have fished in Turangi during November, where is the Summer can't wait for it to arrive .
November 7th 2014'
                                   What can i say about the weather in Paradise , November  '"Snow never had it before " and it's cold , I was out and about before the cold snap and noticed a few Damsel's starting to hatch around Lake Otamangakau , and thought we are finally going to get some really good fishing, but now we again have to wait for more warmer weather, that is coming if we can believe the Met Service .  So if your looking for a great days fishing drop me a line.The Tongariro is producing some nice fish and as the warmer weather arrives the evening rise will produce some great Dry Fly Fishing .
October 24th 2014
                                The weather around paradise has settled a little at present, still a little windy at times, but the fishing has been great , Lake Otamangakau has produced some very nice fish, as has the back country rivers. The Tongariro River has had a good run of fresh fish over the last week. Bill and Blonde were out with me yesterday, as you can see in the photo's below , Blonde checking out what fly i should put on next, while having a nap.Labour weekend this weekend so i expect a lot of you to be out and about, and if your looking for a great fly fishing adventure give me a call , to discuss some options tight lines to you all.
October 13th 2014
                                As the weather has finally settled down in the central north island of NewZealand . Chris Russell from Australia had a very good day yesterday hooking 17 nice rainbows and landing 12. The Tongariro has had a fresh run of fish. running to the spawning grounds also . So if your looking for a great fly fishing adventure it's time you gave me a call to discuss some options .Lake Otamangakau has been a little slow also but with the nice weather arriving ,i'm sure it will fire up as well .


October 7th 2014
                              Yesterday the wind was freezing and the water was very cold ! as Chris from Australia found out while playing the small brown , that mind you didn't want to give up , and Chris tripped over a rock and managed to fill his waders lucky it was near the end of the trip .Blonde was watching from a rock she found to watch all the action as it unfolded . If you looking for a Great Fly Fishing Adventure we are hear to please you just call or drop us an email to discuss .

October 6th 2014
                             The start of the back country has been not to bad, as the weather has been cold, rain , and even snowing . But the boy's from Ballart Victoria have been landing nice trout under extrem conditions . Lake Otamangakau has been a little hard as to the very windy cold condition , but Keith did managed to land his largest rainbow , which was 8.5 pounds stripping a woolly bugger . So now we wait for the warmer weather too arrrive .
October 1st 2014 Opening Back Country Fly Fishing
                                                                                            First day of the season for backcountry! and Kieth and Erich from Ballarat in Victoria have already decided to book again for 2015. Why? Beautiful water, rainbows to five and a half pound and an experience that matches the best of trout days."I haven't been to the back country before but my mates were always telling me how good it was,"said Erich. "First pool and WACK right where John pointed to. That set the tone for the day a comfortable, wade though the river punctuated by excitment and "flying fish"." As Kieth  added you can waste a lot of time and money flogging unproductive or tough water on your own but a day with John gives results, confidence and improved fishing the next time you step out. So they will be back,for a another day and I hope to see you some day too!
September 9th 2014
                                    Chile & Patagonia Anglers Fly Fishing New Zealand for the very first time, had a ball in the Back Country over the past 2 days. Well they could cast and landed 27 fish for 2 days fishing, Browns today were really on the go. Eduardo and Alejandro. Are now resting up and are off to Western Australia , North West miind you, game fishing for Sail Fish for a week . After the last 2 days i'm now sure the fishing from October 1st will be great , so stay tuned for more hot reports over the next few months.And if your looking  for a great fly fishing adventure , it's time you Email me to discuss some opttions.
2rd September 2014
                               The count down is on , 29  days to go and the Back country and Lake Otamangakau will re-open  can't wait , The photo's below are of trout which have been landed in both areas in the past, and this year we will add some fish as big if not bigger . So if your planning a Fly Fishing Adventure it,s time you got in contact with me .I can't explain why the Tongariro is not producing good number of spawning fish if you no please tell me, The river mouths have produced and the Hinemaiaia has been great fishing, and i believe the T/T is as well , so why not the Tongariro.?????. Now for the opening fly fishing the edgers of Lake Otamangakau I will give 2 Anglers a great price for 2 days 1st and 2nd of October ,  but you must email me for that deal , and it's well worth it, so don't waste time first in best dressed.
18th August 2014
                               Yesterday sore Howard relax away from the Doctors Surgery , it was very cold until the action started , I have had some great fishing with Clients over the past years, but yesterday was a day to bet all, As you can see in the photo below a Silver Brown in great condition was the fish of the day , mind you the only Brown we landed, the other 21 were Rainbows in just as good condition, it was a day Howard wont forget. and I will add it wasn't in any river flowing into LakeTaupo. And I havn't fished this piece of water for many year.
If your looking for a great fly fishing adventure as Howard has just had, I think it's time you got in contact with me to discuss some options. The year is racing away quickly, it's only 6 weeks to go ,and all the Back Country River's will be open again .
I'm starting to think the problem with the Trout in Lake Taupo is they havn't got enough food to eat ,( Smelt  ) this is why our trout are so small
Tight Lines John O
12 August 2014
                            Steady rain fell over night , the Tongariro has a little color, but very fishable, and when you see this Local Angler out ,the fish are on the move. Taking a look at the photo , Ringo had 2 nice Fresh one's and was about to head back in for this Limit.The Hini is still producing great number of fish. The year is sure moving fast and the Back Country is less than 8 weeks away. So if you are looking for a great Fly Fishing Adventure be sure to contact myself , to discuss some great options.
4th August 2014
                               The Tongariro is still unfishable , but as the day's go by the fishing should be very good as this is our first decent flush we have had this season .
So it's time you thought and started planning your  next fly fishing adventure. 
3rd August 2014
                             The rain has finally given us a nice Flush in the Tongariro over night, The flow chart is not  working. But the Tongariro should in my eye's be flowing around the 400 Cm's . This should bring a good fresh run of trout up in the next few day's , looking at it now i don't think it will be fishable till Tuesday , but then it should fish well . friday i fished the lower reachers and managed to land 5 fresh fish like the one Laurie is holding in the photo below. The Boy's are back under the main road bridge so something is surely happening , as they wouldn't be there if it wasn't . Well the last two months are going very fast and i will be ready to chase the large fish Lake Otamangakau has to offer.  
July 29th 2014
                        You are probably wondering why i'm not reporting every day, well, to tell you all the truth , the fishing in the Tongariro and other rivers around is not really that great for this time of the year. Why I don't no. But i can report on the Hinemaiaia , it is full of fish and i mean full . This year is one of the coldest winters Turangi has had for a good number of years. also not a lot of rain . thats probably why the trout are not running in large numbers , ( no floods in other words ) .So we will have to wait for the rain. or hold on for the next 60 odd days for the back Country ,and the Big O  to reopen again. Can't wait. The fish below are Hine trout in good condition.
July 14th 2011
                           I had heard that the Hinemaiaia River was producing good numbers of fresh rainbows, so it was time to see, but were dissapointed , for sure plenty of fish but all in full spawning mode and very dark. This morning i went down to the landing strip on the Tongariro and watch a keen angler land 3 fresh fish, in very quick time , size around the 4 pound mark. If your looking at a great fly fishing adventure over the next two months, A Special price for 2 Anglers is $500.00 per day . So come on lets go fishing .
Tight Lines John O
July 1st 2014
                      We finally have had a nice flush in the Tongariro River over the past 24 hour's, Was out and about this morning but didn't manage to hook any fish, and didn't see any other anglers that did. But i do expect that fish will be running the rivers ,and tomorrow will be the day. But don't forget it's new Licence time for the Taupo fishery.  Hopefully the Big Brown will arrive angler have been fishing the Hydro Pool but yet to land any large Browns , this week will be well worth hunting them.
Tight Lines John O
June 3rd 2014
                          Well Lake Otamangakau has closed again for another year as will the back Country rivers at the end of June. I must say Lake O fished very well with some great size fish over the 10 lbs landed. Now it's time to see if the Tongariro River will live up to it's Famous name. Last year in July large Browns were landed in the Hydro Pool as shown in the photo below. "will they return this year ? " . Over the long weekend , I have spoken to a few anglers ,and at the moment they are  landing heaps of small Rainbows .I'm thinking as we havn't had any big floods they are last years stock. that would have been washed back to the Lake. The river mouths are producing as to the lake level being very low . If your looking for a great fly fishing adventure give me a call .Or drop me an Email .
Tight line John O

May 1st 2014
                         "Rainbows we wanted & Rainbows we got", Jeff , & Jen  from San Francisco ,enjoyed a mornings Fly Fishing at Lake Otamangakau today. First time Fly Fishing anywhere , and there first time in New Zealand. they visited the South Island first, and really enjoyed there trip but unfortunely rain fell most days, but they are planning on returning for more action. On returning home they are going to get fly casting  lessons, so on there return they will be ready The Rainbow Land today was about 8lbs  a great fish , but Jen wanted the big one in the you can see , she waited and waited
Easter Weekend 2014.
                                      Over the past 10 days in Paradise the sun has only been out for short periods, but it never stopped Howard and Prassanna from catching our wild rainbows.Prassanna being a novice to fly fishing , after missing the first few take's, finally decided it was time to hook and land his first ever trout. Howard on the other hand experienced, got right into the action landing his biggest trout ever, which was 8,5 lbs. I have not seen or heard any good reports from the Tonngariro or other river around paradise on how there fishing, but all should be great for the coming season ahead.
My Buzzers below that really work 
April 16th 2014
                            As you all out there will no, we have had steady rain fallling over the pass week, Lake Otamangakau is back to normal level, thank god, so now we maybe able to land some of the fish that has been giving us problems. The river mouths around lake taupo are producing good numbers of great condition trout. The photo below is Scott Parker from the States, he enjoyed landing his first trout while in NZ . Anglers as to you all, drive safely on your way to paradise this easter , as the trout will wait.
April 1st 2014
                          Well what do you do with old mates that love to go fly fishing, Make them comfortable to start with , as these mates get tired trying to land the big trout that the Big O has to offer , over the last week they have hooked around 30 big trout , but the trout have won, not on all occasion , the reason being, lake O is very low and the fat tailed rainbows, when hooked are headiing for the snags . If you have the patience you will manage to land them when the trout decides to run the right way.
Over the past week the river mouths around paradise are starting to produce some great fishing, as Lake Taupo, being at it's lowest for years . Remember the days at the Waimarino , well it's about to happen, as are all the river mouths around lake taupo.